BCE-20 Eyeshadow Brush - Beauty Crew

BCE-20 Eyeshadow Brush - Beauty Crew

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Eyeshadow brush BCE-20 by Beauty Crew  is a precision flat little brush.

Eyeshadow brush BCE-20 by Beauty Crew  is a very precise brush, its bristles are make of a soft natural hair to apply shadow on both upper and lower eyelid.

  • This minibrush is almost indispensable to apply color on selected areas of the eyelid.
  • Slightly oval shape hair makes shadows sensational to distribute.
  • Thanks to its unique form is indispensalbe to draw, how and grinding thicker strokes.
  • It also help in the impliementaiton of makeup in the style of "Smokey eye", will help soften and blending the line.
  • Ideal for highlighting the inner corner of the eye.

This brush does not loose hair or deform, is easy to clean an use.


Brush length: 17,5cm

Hair lenght: approx 0,7cm

Application: Eyeshadow.

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